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–> Easy & simple online worldwide registration <–

8 Easy & Simple Steps To DXN Registration Worldwide:

Step #1: Click:
Step #2: Enter your name and email in the form then hit button.
Step #3: Enter the verification code in the box then hit button to continue.
Step #4: Watch video first then click “Yes! Get Started Now” button then follow step-by-step registration untill you finish the registration process.


It is FREE to register as a member in DXN. You can buy the products without paying any registration fee.
Only if you want to do further business like registering new members under you (downlines) and enjoying your worldwide bonus, then you have to purchase a new member starter kit.


  1. You can join FREE – if you only would like to use the products and if you would like to buy dxn products in a cheaper price or distributor price.
  2. You can join, than pay out the registration fee, than you could get money back from yours and your team-mates purchases.


You can join from Europe through the eWorld System, please check which are the Online Purchase available country:, if you can find yours, you can place your order the products too inside your DXN eWorld Account.

Register first online now, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.


Best to join through eWorld System, because the eWorld online purchase works in Australia and in New Zealand too.

Just Join and Place your Order after you register online CLICK HERE <– the sponsor is already in the Registration page (Sponsor Code: 064734921).


A. Online if you have a valid Social Security ID Number, you can join here in the DXN USA System:

  • Click this link to register online:
  • On the right side – Click on the blue Login and Join DXN (Sponsor’s ID: 064734921) Sponsor Name: MARK CIPRES TACORDA.
  • Fill it ou with your personal data’s.

DXN USA Member


You can buy dxn product immediately on distributor price without paying any membership fee. But you will not qualified for the bonus until you paid the membership kit and the minimum order required amount for $50 in products.

You can choose from this 2 membership KIT if you want to do further business like registering new members under you (Downlines) and enjoying your bonus, then you have to purchase a membership kit.

  1. The registration fee is $43.00. What is incleded in membership kit, what contains:
    1. One bottle of RG-30’s Ganoderma Capsules
    2. One bottle of GL-30’s Ganoderma Capsules
  2. You can join with DXN IOC Product Program Package – you need to purchase an iPackage, but DXN Products for the value of at least $270.00 worth of products. After you login, just click on IOC and then place your order

Choose any productgs until the Available IOC.

Fund goes to $0.00. > More information about DXN IOC

The shipping fee is: $6.00 as a DXN Member in the USA. ($8.95 for non-members).

B. If you don’t have a valid US Social Security ID Number, you cannot register at the DXN USA System. You need to sign up through the International DXN eWorld System, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE 

Once you’ve obtained DXN member ID number, you should activate your DXN member ID in the DXN USA System.

Foreign Member Activation (Just check your Spam/Junk Folder, you’ll receive the email with the username and password for you to login in your DXN USA System.

DXN Member Login

Note: You can buy product immediately on distributor price without paying any membership fee. But you will not qualified for the bonus until you paid the membership kit and the minimum product order required amount for $50.00 products.

You can also choose from ONE from the 2 membership kits mentioned avobe ($43.00 or $270.00 IOC).

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