Quick question: Are you struggling to your Network Marketing Business? Are you frustrated? No one people want to talk and contacting you? No one believe you?

As Network Marketers, when it comes to lack of motivation, we have all been there. There are days when you are super motivated, things seem to fall in place easily, you’re getting new signups in your business and then there are the other days where everything seems to be falling apart. Nobody wants to talk with you about your business and you feel like taking the day off, the week or even quitting altogether. It can be frustrating, but this is when you have to be your strongest and keep yourself motivated to continue.

But how?

Have a Strong WHY

When you start to lose motivation, you have to remember why you started a Network Marketing business in the first place. It can be difficult at times to pick up the phone and have conversations with prospects about your business. It’s easy to get discouraged when you have team members quit or others talking negative about your company or industry. Understand that you are not alone. Every marketer goes through this. It is the ones who can turn these situations into motivation that find success.

Most people will allow these types of negative things to get them down and they lose the ambition to keep building, but not you. You will stand out from the crowd and do what most people are not willing to do, right?. While others are sitting on the couch and watching TV or sleeping in, you should be working on building your business. Having a powerful ‘why’ will help.

Create a Big Vision

Your vision should be bigger than yourself. Many people start a business for self-centered reasons, but it eventually develops them into leaders who help others succeed. Nothing is better than watching a team member grow and experience a breakthrough.

Work on Personal Development

Read personal development books, watching personality development videos and listen to audios. Making this a daily habit will do amazing things for you and your business. Set goals like reading a full book a week. You can read a few chapters each day when you wake in the morning or before you go to bed at night.

Attend Events

Live events are so essential to your growth as an Entrepreneur as well as your business growth. They leave you excited and super-charged and ready to explode your home business. You can meet others in the industry, network, groups, teams and share success stories. They just all around leave you feeling encouraged and motivated.

Set Realistic Goals

When first starting out, don’t be tempted to set a goal to earn your first million in a year. This will likely not happen and will leave you disappointed. Instead, come up with some more realistic, smaller goals that you can achieve. Track your progress and as you achieve a goal, set a bigger one. Making a million dollars could be part of your overall vision, but shouldn’t be a short-term goal. Set yourself up with a big-picture strategy for building your business such as gaining useful partnerships, boosting your social media efforts, ramping up your marketing, helping your team succeed, etc.

Each time you hit a goal; give yourself a pat on the back.


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